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Don't think of this as just a solo game. I just went through this with my group, each of us with our own deck of cards, flipping one card at a time. We got to have fun both reading each person's questions, and even more fun as we revealed our answers.

That's wonderful!! I'm so glad to hear that your group enjoyed it.


Session Zero is a solo game that helps you flesh out a character. You divide a deck into 4 piles — representing happiness, sadness, bond and character — and answer questions presented by the cards to learn more about your character.

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This is a simple and fun way to generate a backstory and personality for your next character. It's absolutely worth every penny if you can afford it. It includes 52 prompts (plus another 26 prompts in the included expansion). Just draw 5 or more cards and let your creativity interpret each prompt to build out a quirky one of a kind character.

Each Suit has to do with a different aspect of a character: What makes them happy, what makes them sad, the bonds they have to others, and quirky character traits that make them unique.

Add in the wordlbuilding or bonds editions (available together in the complete edition set), and you have a great structured way to run a Session Zero.

And if you have money left in that budget, check out Meghan's other games, which are equally incredible.

Thank you so much!!


I picked these up on the way to a character creation night for the restart of our FLGS DnD league. As the players made their way through the process of making their characters I pulled cards to ask questions of my players. The responses from those made some of the most curious, interesting and deep characters, and now all of the other groups are jealous of the group dynamic we already have before we even start playing. These questions are amazing!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you and your group had fun with it and Session Zero helped everyone create interesting characters!!


Fantastic prompts. I had my friends using them to build NPCs for Godbound. Gave our characters some excellent depth. Making their later choice to sacrifice themselves to stop a God more poignant.

Highly recommend.


very easy to use, the prompts are very helpful I am excited to see what character i will make for the games I will be in.


I've used Session Zero to help me develop the backstories of a few characters (and NPCs) and it's not only very useful, but a lot of fun! The prompt cards cover four very deep aspects of a character and the prompts on each card are excellent jumping off points, each one capable of being a whole story. 


Just had a great time with my players using this game, it seemed like it really helped them flesh out their characters and added interesting details to the world.


Ever had trouble coming up with fun ideas for building your character's background? Well this game lets you play to do it! Fun and helpful. 


I used this last night for making a character. Really evocative prompts! A great system to help flesh out a character.


Waow ! This prompts are great and I love how each question are organized by theme.

Thank you, you made a nice and usefull tool !