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Session Zero is a game about characters.

It is the story of the life they have already lived before your story with them begins.

It is who they are, who has helped them, what has benefited them, and what has caused them harm.

Session Zero is a deck based, character creation game. Using a standard deck of cards or the deck of Session Zero cards, draw a hand and answer the prompts to create the story of your character from before your story with them began. Each unique prompt has a set of follow up questions to really get to the root of who this character is as well as the events and people who shaped their lives.

Designed as a solo game, it can easily be adapted to be played in groups within the same setting. 

Downloadable content includes all files for both Session Zero and its expansion - rule and prompt pdfs (for play with a standard card deck), plain text versions of prompt lists, and individual files for all cards. 

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Fantastic prompts. I had my friends using them to build NPCs for Godbound. Gave our characters some excellent depth. Making their later choice to sacrifice themselves to stop a God more poignant.

Highly recommend.


very easy to use, the prompts are very helpful I am excited to see what character i will make for the games I will be in.


I've used Session Zero to help me develop the backstories of a few characters (and NPCs) and it's not only very useful, but a lot of fun! The prompt cards cover four very deep aspects of a character and the prompts on each card are excellent jumping off points, each one capable of being a whole story. 


Just had a great time with my players using this game, it seemed like it really helped them flesh out their characters and added interesting details to the world.


Ever had trouble coming up with fun ideas for building your character's background? Well this game lets you play to do it! Fun and helpful. 


I used this last night for making a character. Really evocative prompts! A great system to help flesh out a character.


Waow ! This prompts are great and I love how each question are organized by theme.

Thank you, you made a nice and usefull tool !