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Session Zero: Bond Building Edition is a deck based game about establishing bonds between characters. It is a game of creating shared backstories and experiences between characters and to answer the question "How did we meet?"

This game is system agnostic and can be used in conjunction with any TTRPG to help tell the story of how your characters know one another - the prompts are written as to not be limited to working within any one game or setting.

Included in this game are 52 prompts and 4 suits to help create and establish bonds between characters for your TTRPG. Session Zero: Bond Building Edition can be played with either a standard deck of cards, or by using the Session Zero: Bond Building deck.

The downloadable content includes a pdf of the game rules as well as the prompt list if the game is being played with a standard deck of cards, as well as a printable copies of the deck of prompt cards.

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Session Zero: Bond Building Edition builds on the foundations laid by the original Session Zero system, and zooms in on the bonds that unite and divide the characters in your world. It includes 52 prompts divided into 4 themes, one for each suit: Emotional bonds, Bonds of obligation, Social bonds, and Historical bonds.

A simple way to use this is to have each player draw a card for the relationship they have with the character to their left, this way each character will end up with 2 bonds, which will add a layer of narrative complexity into your games, and give you fertile ground for exploring in role-play.

Pick up the original Session Zero, and the Session Zero: Worldbuilding edition to round out the set. And while you're at it, your money won't be wasted on any of Meghan's other games.

Happy role-playing!