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The only thing you know with certainty is that you are a clone. You have woken up in an abandoned facility with only shreds of memories as to who you were cloned from and why you exist. And you are not the only one. The group of you, all emerging from cloning pods, hold pieces of memories from your progenitor and more questions than you can count. Before you, a partially shattered screen flashes a desperate plea - “Find Me. Help Me.” You know it is a message from the one you have all come from, and though you do not know them, you feel drawn to heed their call. 

Setting out into the world, you begin to piece together the memories you all hold, attempting to piece together who and where your progenitor is so when the time comes, you can help them with the trouble they have found themselves in. When you figure out where they are, what will you do? Will you come to their aid? Or leave them alone  to face their troubles?

Remembrance is a game in which 3 or more players play as clones emerging from their cloning pods in a destroyed facility trying to find the one who made them. Work collaboratively to remember what kind of person your progenitor is as well as figuring out how to use your fragmented memories to find them. Using the prompt cards, build bonds between yourself and your fellow clones on your travels and then together face the ultimate question: “You know where the progenitor is. Do you go to them?”

This game is based on For the Queen, product of Alex Roberts and Evil Hat Productions, and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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For the Queen has a fantastic prompt-based system for determining the relationships and politics of a royal quest. Remembrance adapts that same excellent system to decipher a mystery of many layers. Who is your progenitor? Why did they clone themselves? What happened to the place you awoke in?