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To play Acrostic all you need is the desire to create a character and their name!

If you don't know their name yet, you can play using your name.

If your character's name has multiples of the same letter you can choose to either substitute another prompt for the duplicate letter or simply answer one fewer prompt.

Using the prompt list, answer the prompt associated with each letter of your character's name to create their backstory.

Acrostic was written for the #PleasureCardRPG jam hosted by Oz.

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This is a great tool for rounding out background characters for fan fiction, where all the reader knows about the character in canon is their name.


This is a great game for character creation. I played this using the name of one of my characters and it was fun to use to get to know my character in a new way. The prompts are thought provoking in a fun way. I could see using this as both a game and as a tool for character creation or development.

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This is a cute little character prompter! This was the character that I created using it (but then I realised that I could have chosen any character name and didn’t have to use my own… oh well!)

  • Alias: My mates have called me “Azza” since high school, where we all gave each other names that ended in “-azza”. We all still think it’s hilarious.
  • Regret: Not spending more time with those I care about.
  • Origin: From the vast, untamed land across the sea. It is known for its vast fruit plantations.
  • Name: “High Mountain”, apparently! I believe that I’m trustworthy.

Ooh, I like this.