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Martyr is a game about the life, deeds, and companions of an extraordinary person - a prophet to some, a heretic to others. During the game you will take on the role of this person as they are imprisoned by their opponents - waiting for a trial that will decide their fate. 

Will you be released? 

Will you remain in prison for the rest of your days? 

Or will you be put to death for your beliefs?


Martyr is a solo, journaling game (powered by Sentinel) that can be played using a standard deck of cards and a set of polyhedral dice. 

The player takes on the role of a person imprisoned and put on trial for their beliefs, waiting for judgement to be handed down. Gameplay explores past miraculous events you've performed, visions from the higher power you serve, as well as creating those who both follow and oppose your teachings and culminates in receiving judgement and facing the sentence handed down by those who have sought to silence you.

A Note About Safety: Martyr deals heavily with the themes of persecution (both in general and religious,) imprisonment, and - ultimately - death. 


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AuthorMeghan Cross
Tagsjournaling, martyr, sentinel, solo-game, Solo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game


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Very cool game! Any chance for a singles version for easier print-and-play at home?

The pdf is 8.5 x 11 so you should be able to print it at home without issue!